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Domestic Violence & Church

Some would wonder, is domestic violence really in the church? Sadly the answer is yes, domestic violence is in the church. Many would beg to differ, but I know it’s true because I was actively involved in my church but still caught in the vicious cycle of abuse. Now he on the other hand was not an active church goer and certainly was not interested in becoming involved. When I found the courage to ask for help, the church I was attending wasn’t well equipped to handle domestic violence. Unfortunately most churches still aren’t prepared to handle it. Some situations are serious enough that it requires more than just prayer. It requires a judgement free environment, housing, food, clothing, counseling, treatment, support, advocacy, patience and a lot of time.

The church (body of Christ) needs to educate itself about domestic violence and find ways to educate it’s parishners. Domestic violence carries so much guilt and shame but it’s a shame when the church will not uncover the abuse by discussing it. Of course this is not all churches but there are so many that refuse to open itself to really helping those in need.

How should the church help victims of domestic violence?                                    


How real is Domestic Violence?

How real is it? Well to the perpetrator that continuously abuses the woman he declares he loves; it’s not real. He feels the abuse is a figment of her imagination, a love tap, or something she deserved. But to the woman being abused, it’s VERY REAL!!!

It can be mental & emotional, physical , verbal, economic, isolation or sexual abuse. Merriam-Webster defines abuse as: (1) a corrupt practice or custom; (2) improper or excessive us or treatment; (3) obsolete: a deceitful act; (4) language that condemns or vilifies usually unjustly, intemperately, and angrily; (5) physical maltreatment.

Domestic Violence is so real that it’s on your street, in your neighborhood, in your school, work place and church.

What are you going to do to help others understand; Domestic Violence is REAL?